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What's in the reports?


Location Information

Our records provide postcode level location information for websites in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Japan, China, India, the Netherlands, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Israel, Argentina, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Hungary, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, Singapore, Hong Kong, Norway, Finland, Taiwan, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Austria, Brazil and Sweden.



We provide US, UK, Australian, Canadian, French and German contact numbers for websites that have valid phone numbers.

Contact Names and Titles

Contact Names & Titles

We source our own names and titles covering CEOs, CFOs, Founders, Marketing Managers, Sales People and other roles. 100% exportable in CSV format.

Company Name

Company Names

Valid corporate entity names for websites where they've provided the information on their website.


History 7+ Years

Find when a website started/stopped using technology anytime in the last 7 years.



Unlimited sub-technology-reports. Create lists of customers using multiple technologies, actively or historically.



Qualified and non-qualified emails from names and titles of contacts at the company to emails found on the site itself.

Tech Analysis

Market Share Analysis

Every report provides full technology usage breakdown for the report, showing the other technologies the websites in your report are also using.

Location Analysis

Location Analysis

Break reports down by their TLD, get all of your results for French, German, Australian, British and all world locations at the click of the map.


Predictive Leads

Use our historical technology to predict where potential new leads are coming from based on data in your reports.


Traffic Ranking

US Traffic ranking information for over 1.5 million sites



Shopping · Business · Health · Technology · Travel and more vertical website classification


Social Data

Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, PInterest and Facebook social links for websites.

All additional meta information attached to results is subject to the information being available.