Exportable Fields

All fields that can be exported on reports in BuiltWith Pro.

This page lists the additional meta data fields available on reports. You can also filter reports by other technologies, keywords and more.

Standard Fields

Standard Fields

  • Root Domain
    i.e. example.com
  • Location on Site
    i.e. shop.example.com
  • Technology Spend💵
    Estimated average monthly spend on web technologies across the entire website
  • Social👯
    The estimated amount of social followers for the website.
  • Employees👷‍
    The estimated amount of employees for the website.
  • First Detected⏲️
    The date we first detected the technology in use
  • Last Found⏲️
    The date we last found the technology in use
  • First Indexed⏲️
    The date we added the domain into our database
  • Last Indexed⏲️
    The date we last indexed the domain
Traffic Fields

Traffic Fields

  • Tranco
    The Tranco Rank of the site up to 1 million
  • Page Rank
    The Page Rank of the site up to 100 million
  • Majestic
    The Majestic Root Domain Global Rank of the site up to 1 million
  • Umbrella
    The Umbrella Root Domain Global Rank of the site up to 1 million
  • CRuX Rank📈
    Google's Traffic Rank - the most accurate traffic ranking available on the internet.
  • Cloudflare Rank📈
    Cloudflare's Traffic Rank - based on DNS lookups.
Financial Fields (US)

Financial Fields (US)

  • CIK No🐓
    Central Index Key assigned by the SEC.
  • SIC Code🎫
    Company SIC code.
  • Tickers🎫
    Stock exchange tickers used by the company.
  • Exchanges🏦
    Stock exchanges used by the company.
  • Period Start🐤
    10-K Filing Period Start Date.
  • Period End🐣
    10-K Filing Period End Date.
  • Revenue🐧
    Revenue is the total amount of income generated by a company's sale of goods or services.
  • Operating Income🦢
    Operating Income is the profit or loss resulting from a company's core operations.
  • Net Income🐻
    Net Income is a measure of a company's total earnings over a period of time.
  • Assets🐻
    Assets is a financial statement of a company's current and long-term resources.
  • Liabilities🐼
    Liabilities are a company's legal debts and obligations.
  • Equity🐶
    Equity is the difference between the company's total assets and total liabilities.
  • Cash😺
    Cash is a balance sheet item which represents a company's liquid assets.
  • Current Assets🐁
    Current Assets are the assets of an organization that are expected to be converted into cash or used within one year.
  • Current Liabilities🐀
    Current Liabilities are a company's financial obligations that must be paid within one year.
  • Selling General Expense🦅
    Selling General Expense is the amount of money a company spends to market and sell its goods or services.

  • R&D Expense refers to research and development costs.
  • Retained Earnings🦤
    Retained Earnings is a measure of a company’s accumulated profits that have not been distributed to shareholders.
  • Common Stock Outstanding🐦‍
    Common Stock Outstanding is the total number of a company's shares that have been issued and are available to trade.
  • Operating Cash Flows🦜
    Operating cash flows are disclosures of the operating activities.
  • Investing Cash Flows🐟
    Investing cash flows refer to the money spent on long-term investments such as property, plant, and equipment.
  • Financing Cash Flows🐡
    Financing cash flows refers to the movement of cash into and out of a company related to financing activities.
  • Processed from Issuance of Debt🦈
    Debt fundraising activities have been completed and recorded.
  • Payments of Debt🐬
    Payments of Debt is a disclosure of cash payments made to reduce liability.
eCommerce Fields

eCommerce Fields

  • Sales Revenue💵
    Estimated average monthly spend on web technologies across the entire website.
  • SKU🛍
    The amount of products listed on the eCommerce portion of the website
  • Vertical
    The vertical of the business News/Shopping/Religion etc..
Social Fields

Social Fields

  • X
    The X profile for the website
  • Twitter
    The Twitter profile for the website
  • TikTok
    The TikTok profile for the website
  • Threads
    The Threads profile for the website
  • Facebook
    The Facebook profile for the website
  • LinkedIn
    The LinkedIn page for the website
  • Google
    The Google+ page for the website
  • GitHub
    The GitHub page for the site
  • Vk
    The Vk (Russian) page for the site
  • Vimeo
    The Vimeo page for the site
  • YouTube
    The YouTube page for the site
Contact Fields

Contact Fields

  • Telephones
    Verified Telephone numbers from the site
  • Emails
    Emails found from the website GDPR/CCPA Compliant
  • People
    Names, emails and titles of people behind the domain GDPR/CCPA Compliant
  • Verified Profiles
    Links to verified profiles for employees GDPR/CCPA Compliant
  • City
    The city of the business
  • State
    The state/county of the business
  • Zip
    The zip / postcode of the business
  • Country
    The country of the business
Financial Fields (UK)

Financial Fields (UK)

  • UK Registration No🥑
    Company Registration number
  • SIC Codes🥕
    Registered Company SIC Codes
  • Incorporation Date🍅
    The date the company was registered
  • Accounting Type🥒
    The account type the business must do
  • Last Filed Accounts🍆
    Last filing date
  • Cash🍇
    Cash represents the liquid assets a company holds in its possession.
  • Fixed Assets🍈
    Fixed Assets represent long-term physical assets owned by a company.
  • Current Assets🍉
    Current Assets represent cash and other liquid assets of a company that can be converted into cash within one year.
  • Creditors🍉
    Creditors represent money owed to outside parties.
  • Debtors🍊
    Debtors represents amounts owed to the company by customers.
  • Net Current Assets🍋
    Net Current Assets represent the amount of current assets available to pay off current liabilities.
  • Net Assets🍌
    Net Assets represent the difference between a company's total assets and its total liabilities.
  • Turnover🍍
    Turnover Revenue represents a company's total sales revenue for a given period.
  • Cost of Sales🥭
    Cost of Sales is the total expenses incurred to generate revenue.
  • Gross Profit🍎
    Gross profit is the revenue left over after subtracting the costs of production.
  • Operating Profit🍏
    Operating profit is a measure of a company's profit after accounting for operating expenses.
  • Tax on Profit🍐
    Tax on Profit represents the taxes paid by a company on its profits.
  • Other Income🍑
    Other Income represents income from activities not related to the company's main operations.
  • Profit/Loss🍒
    Profit/Loss is the difference between total revenue and total expenses.
Performance Fields

Performance Fields

  • Overall Score🎩
    The overall score of the performance, accessibility, seo, and best practices %
  • Performance
    % Performance score for resources on the root domain of this website
  • Accessibility
    % Accessbility score for resources on the root domain of this website
  • SEO
    % SEO Score for elements on the root domain of this website
  • Best Practices
    % Best Practices score for resources on this site