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Get your hands on the right information fast. We pull together everything you need to know into a consolidated list of potential customers from technology, keyword, spend and more.

Holly Cardew

I have been using BuiltWith for years, it's been an incredible tool. At Carted we've used BuiltWith to keep on eye on emerging technology trends and have also been able to research new customer segments and leads.

How Does BuiltWith Help with Lead Generation?

Data Coverage

Access to data covering website based leads across the entire globe.


Advanced Filtering on Lead Lists lets you drill down to relevant results.


Predict future leads based on technology usage history going back 24 years.

Sales Intelligence

Gives insight into your existing leads technology usage, spend and history.


Determine websites with low, medium and high website technology spend budgets.


100's of other attributes attached to websites.

Lead Generation Sources

Technology Report

Technology Based Lists

97,506 technologies tracked over 24 years across nearly every single website on the Internet gives us unprecedented data coverage and the largest and most indepth data of technology usage on the Internet.

Technology Report Filtering

  • Usage Duration
  • Individual Technology Usage
  • Technology Category Usage
  • Sales Revenue
  • Brand Followers
  • Estimated Employees
  • Technology Spend
  • Traffic Ranking
  • Keywords
  • Verticals
  • Financials
  • SKU Count

Keyword & Phrase Based Lists

Create lists of sites that have specific keywords or phrases on the homepage of the website - based on websites in our database that have a technology tracked profile.

Need a list of dentists in California that aren't doing marketing automation? Or a list of eCommerce websites that are selling watches? Or a list of blogs that mention Starbucks™?

It's a Google™ style search engine but only looking for relevant keywords found on the homepage of a website and the ability to break down by websites using specific technologies, categories of technologies, locations, traffic ranks and their web technology spend and of course, fully exportable.

Keyword Report
eCommerce Reports

Global eCommerce Retail Leads

With BuiltWith Pro, you'll have access to the data for millions of online stores. The sheer volume of data puts us on the leading edge of discovering global retail trends.

You can access our filtered retail lists to get a good insight into the sector you're interested in, or create your own lead lists with custom filtering. For example, it's very easy to filter the BuiltWith data to show only a list of clothing based shopping sites in countries across the globe.

We have the right data and provide you with the tools to filter and sort it in the most meaningful way for your business.

Import Your Own Lists

Import your existing lists of potential or existing customers into BuiltWith. You can upload your list and we'll take care of the rest. You'll be able to see everything you need to know about your leads technology usage since 2000 as well as the ability to export all information and attributes we have back to 2000.

You can even import a list of company names, we'll try and convert it into a list of websites for you.

Upload Report

Filtering and Exporting Leads

Advanced Filtering

Advanced Filtering and Technology Selection

BuiltWith Pro contains basic and advanced filtering techniques to narrow down your lead list to something useful.

The more filtering you apply the more your lead lists becomes relevant to you. It also serves as the basis for any cold reachout programs you apply the lead list to.

See our 'Eating our own Dog Food' blog post for how we used this approach ourselves.

Contacts and Meta Data

Get actual names, titles and emails of people at companies outside of the EU and CA. With 22+ years of historical data we've built a comprehensive contact and email list providing you with the ability to see qualified emails for businesses where we've found titles and have a source of known email addresses for a company.

Expand your knowledge with telephones, social signals, traffic ranking and may more data attributes in the fully exportable reports.

For GDPR/CCPA Compliance we do not provide personal information for EU/CA residents.

Financial Data

Financial Balance Sheet

If you're interested in US Public or UK companies, BuiltWith Pro provides you with comprehensive reports that shed light on essential fields such as Revenue, Assets, Liabilities, and Cash.

By leveraging BuiltWith Pro, you gain a distinct advantage in your market research, investment decisions, and business dealings. Whether you're a financial analyst, an investor, or a business professional seeking a competitive edge, our platform equips you with the financial data you need to make informed choices.

Unlock a wealth of financial insights with BuiltWith Pro today and revolutionize the way you analyze websites.

Fully Exportable Data

All data in all reports is fully exportable to CSV and XLS file formats. You can use our custom export report generator to create a truly custom export with only the fields you are interested in.

No data is 'locked' into the web interface. If you report contains 5,000,000 records then your CSV export download will also contain 5,000,000 records.

Create a trial account to see what data you can export from BuiltWith today.

Custom Export