Browser Extensions

Google Chrome

See BuiltWith Technology Profiles directly in Google Chrome.


See BuiltWith Technology Profiles directly in Firefox.


See BuiltWith Technology Profiles directly in Safari.



Drag the link above to your bookmarks bar.

CRM Integrations

HubSpot Sync

Synchronize HubSpot contacts with technology and meta data daily.

Salesforce Sync

Bulk Updates Salesforce leads and accounts with technology data daily.

Salesforce Coupling

Directly link between BuiltWith Report Results and Leads and Accounts in Salesforce.

Salesforce Push

Push results to leads or accounts and contacts directly from BuiltWith Reports.

Salesforce Net New

Sends Net New Leads to Salesforce based on reports you create.

Salesforce Alerts

Sends alerts to Salesforce if your leads/accounts add or remove technologies.

Marketo Webhook

Enrich Marketo Data with our Marketo Friendly Webhook.

Spreadsheet Integrations


Get Trends and Techology Data directly into Microsoft Excel.

Google Sheets

Get Trends and Technology Data directly pushed into Google Sheets.


Zapier New Leads

Zapier lets you connect BuiltWith net new leads functionality to hundreds of applications!