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Video Transcript

At BuiltWith, we've created an internet wide technology tracking platform to provide leads, intelligence and analysis for technology usage across hundreds of millions of websites.

In this demo I will show you how you can use BuiltWith Pro to generate lists of customers relevant to your business.

Creating a report is simple, select the BuiltWith data source and enter the technology name you are interested in.

When the report is generated you can export all of the results with address, telephone, email and vertical information as a CSV, you can also use the Pro tool features to create a highly targeted list;

In this example I'm looking at the Magento customers using premium analytics platforms like Omniture and comScore.

You can use the business location report to return the results in specific states and countries like California or the UK.

This is just some of the power of BuiltWith Pro, please contact us for more information and thanks for watching the BuiltWith screencast.