Frequency Asked Questions about BuiltWith

Every website gives off "signals" that they are using a particular technology. We can track these signals and determine if a site is using a particular web technology from it.

We currently try to index 100% of the Internet by registered domain. Learn more on Global Data Coverage.

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BuiltWith Pro Frequency Asked Questions

You can cancel your account whenever you like via the interface no questions asked.

Yes, the minimum term is 1 month for monthly plans and 1 year for yearly plans.

No. If you started a monthly plan today (16th of June) and canceled on the 23rd of June, it will still be active until at least the 14th of July.

Sign Up for the Basic Plan, get the report you want then cancel your account. Note the minimum term is 1 month still.

Yes. We will pro-rate refund any plan changes. If you go back to Free we'll 'freeze' your reports for when you upgrade again.

Yes the reports are exportable as CSVs and Excel Spreadsheets. No data is 'locked' into the tool.

We index the Internet in the same way that Google does to power their search engine. We don't get data from any third parties.

You can pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard & American Express). You can also use PayPal or Bitcoin via Coinbase or BitPay.

For yearly contracts we accept wire payments to our Australian, UK, Hong Kong and US bank accounts.

Instantly, providing your account and payment method passes fraud checks. Within 15 minutes in AEST timezone day light hours if it does not.

We will send you one if you use the tool for 3 months!

Hi, ask us any question (in English) you'd like and we will try and help.