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All Lead Generation, Sales Intelligence and Market Analysis tools of BuiltWith.

All features are available on Basic, Pro and Team plans.

Web Technology Usage Lists

Build a report based on a technology being used on over 370 million active domains from our database of 101,959+ technologies.

For example, all live sites using Shopify with an address in the United States spending over $1000 a month on web technologies.

Web Technology Lists
eCommerce Lists

eCommerce Website Category Lists

We have categorized over 2 million eCommerce websites by their use of an eCommerce related shopping cart or evidence of a custom cart in use.

Break these reports down by category such as clothing stores in the United States or Beauty stores in the United States for example. You can break the reports down further by technology usage.

Keyword Based Lists

We've indexed the keywords found on the homepages of 673 million websites.

Find all websites with the keyword 'health' on them and then break it down by technology, location, spend, ranking and more for example. You can pick one or many keywords to look for.

Keyword Lists
Upload Lists

Uploaded List Analysis

Use your own website list, i.e. your current customers or your prospects to generate an analysis report on their technology usage and history.

Use the market share analysis, matrix export and meta data to analyze the results.

Company Balance Sheet

For public companies and UK companies we add balance sheet information to listings.

Export revenue, cost of sales, gross profit, cash, assets, creditors, debtors and many more balance sheet fields for many companies.

Future Customers
Future Customers

Future Customers

For every website with a substantial technology spend we find what technologies match.

We use the amount of cross over to determine the weight that website has for its recommendations. It's a magic button for sales teams looking for new leads!

Competitor Comparison

See who has churned between competitors or who is trialling competitor software.

Fully exportable lists of churned customers and insights into who is 'winning' customers between technologies.

Competitor Comparison
Upload Lists

Company to URL

Upload a list of company names and we'll try and convert it into a list of websites.

Super handy if you don't have the website list but just a list of company names.

Fully Exportable Meta Data

All report types also contain as much GDPR compliant meta data as we can gather from the website itself, to make your sales process as simple as possible.

We add company names, verticals, traffic ranking, telephones, emails, employee names and titles, addresses and URLs to all exports where we are able to find the information.

Export a Report
Advanced Filtering

Advanced Filtering

To make the best use of large technology lists advanced filtering allows you to compile highly targeted reports.

Advanced multi-filtering is available for all reports.

Meta Data

Excel and CSV enabled export of all meta data associated with a report.

Meta Data Report
Matrix Export

Matrix Export

All reports allow you to export a "matrix" of technology usage, this is a list of all of the websites in your report and all of the technologies that they are using.

This data export allows you to do advanced analysis on your lists outside of the tool.

Predictive Leads

Using our 24+ year historical data repository we can determine which sites used any particular technology in the past.

When you create a list, we can see what technologies were previously used by the websites on that list and make assumptions about other websites that may eventually appear on that list in the future.

Competitor Data
Location Filtering

Business Location Data

We've add physical address information to results where we find a verified address on the website itself.

Use this to create sub-reports such as Magento businesses in California or Men's Clothing eCommerce stores in London, England.

Website Vertical Information

We provide website vertical information for millions website on the internet and provide information regarding the distribution of verticals on your report.

This information can be used to find out the target vertical of non-vertical specific web technologies and custom lists.

You can further filter websites by your own keywords and phrases.

Vertical Data
Technology Spend

Technology Spend Data

Create a report based on the average technology spend of a website.

This lets you break down sites with and without technology budgets, helping you find the cash positive sites as well as the sites with lower spend.

eCommerce Sales Revenue

Create and filter reports by estimated eCommerce Sales Revenue.

Find eCommerce sites that have high sales and budgets to support those sales.

eCommerce Sales Revenue
SKU Products

SKU Product Count

Create a report based on the amount of products detected on an eCommerce website.

SKUs for eCommerce websites are filterable and exportable in reports.

Estimated Employees

Create and filter reports by estimated Employees at a business.

Filter by the size of the business based on estimated employees working at the company behind the website.

Estimated Employees
Brand Followers

Brand Follower Filtering

Create a report based on social media brand followers.

Filter and base reports around the amount of followers a website has on social media.

Website Traffic Rank

We store traffic information from major providers Tranco and Alexa for the Top 1m sites and Page Rank for the top 100m sites.

Use this to filter out or in sites with many websites visitors.

Traffic Ranking

Issues and Diagnostics

Find sites with SEO, Accessibility, Best Practice and Performance Issues.

Filter sites that need improving or are already amazing at keeping their website up to date.

Issues and Diagnostics
Technology Market Share

Technology Market Share

Each list of websites we provide to you contains technology market share information; the technologies those sites are using and which ones are being used the most.

Quickly research and identify new leads based on existing customers you have and technology spend.

Historical Reporting

Create a report based on the use of technologies today as well as in the past.

Create a report based on all sites using a technology at any time in the last 14+ years. You won't find this data anywhere else.

Historical Data
Detailed View

Detailed Website Profiles

Advanced Lookup is an extension of our free website technology profile reports.

Advanced technology profiles provide site wide technology usage details as well as historical information about technologies in use on the site and which technologies are premium.

Full Trends History

Pro users of BuiltWith see full technology usage history trends for technologies.

Extended trends history lets you see a clearer increase or decrease in use of technologies across the internet, as far back as 2009 for core technologies.

Historical Data
Market Share View

Full Customer Movement Lists

See all of the major technologies that a technology are gaining and losing customers to.

Pro users are able to access extended lists of technologies on Trends for this.


Visually identify leads quickly and efficiently.

Basic, Pro and Team customers get free credits to use BuiltWith LeadsEye, a tool for quickly finding good leads in a list using your very own eye balls.



Find new leads based on existing customers.

Quickly research and identify new leads based on existing customers you have and technology spend.

Net New Leads

Never miss a new lead with BuiltWith Net New Leads.

Only see new sites that have started using a technology since you last viewed the report. This lets you export only new data sources and takes the hassle out of lead management.

Net New Leads
API Access

API Access

Get XML and JSON feeds for all information that BuiltWith provides.

You can integrate the API with your own systems to provide technology information within your own tool.

CRM Integration

Sync BuiltWith data every day with Salesforce, Hubspot, Dynamics, Zoho and Pardot Sync.

See technology profiles on leads and accounts.Query leads and accounts from within Salesforce/Pardot/Hubspot/Dynamics/Zoho for usage of specific technologies and durations.

Your sales people will thank you (they won't but it might help them).

CRM Integrations
Browser Extensions

Browser Extensions

Do standard, details, meta and relationship lookups using a widget in your web browser.

Never visit BuiltWith again, just use this tool to see tech profiles on the websites you are visiting.

Website & Report Notifications

Get notified when websites you are interested in add new technologies.

Relax, we'll tell you when a website adds a competitor. We will also alert you when your reports have net new data.

Browser Extensions