BuiltWith Top 1m Sites Rank

The BuiltWith Top 1m is the top one million domains with the highest detectable spend on web technology.


This file was generated on 2024-04-21.

List Format

One comma delimited rank and domain per line.




How is this list ranked?
By looking for established and historical premium technology usage on the websites. We sum the average spend of those technologies and produce this list sorted by highest to lowest.

What is the list good at showing?
This list differs from traffic ranking in that it ranks by investment in websites. For that reasons it better suites B2B use cases.

How can I just browse this without downloading a file?
Visit https://builtwith.com/top-sites

Is the last site on the list the lowest spending website on the internet?
No our rank extends past 500 million web domains.

Why is it missing some big websites I know?
We do not include some sites because they do not use detectable technologies (Facebook,Google etc..).

What can I do with this?
Use it in your projects, don't sell it/abuse it though.

My site is listed I want it removed
Visit https://builtwith.com/removals

Can I get this list historically?
We can generate this list historically as we have all of the underlying data - contact us for more info.

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