Relationship Profile

Tag History

Type ID First Detected Last Detected
UA-38391979 February-18 March-18
UA-77587302 February-18 March-18
UA-XXXXX February-18 March-18
UA-88035921 February-18 March-18
UA-86678324 February-18 March-18
UA-16309126 February-18 March-18
UA-4382552 February-18 March-18
UA-8342568 February-18 March-18
UA-107500257 February-18 March-18
UA-22254719 February-18 March-18
UA-72498318 February-18 March-18
GTM-UA-107500257-1 February-18 March-18
UA-87970151 February-18 March-18
UA-56856174 March-18 March-18
UA-22370257 March-18 March-18
ST-4601196 March-18 March-18
UA-89197010 March-18 March-18
UA-41347379 February-18 February-18
UA-7772202 February-18 February-18
UA-1351323 February-18 February-18
UA-1094099 February-18 February-18
CA-PUB-2376244684869871 February-18 February-18
UA-4734302 November-11 September-17
UA-69424001 November-15 March-16
YX-8036590 February-15 April-15
GTM-K9MTVC November-14 November-14

NET.RU IP History and other websites that have shared IP addresses with NET.RU. Click the IP addresses to see more information.

NET.RU relationship data is generated by looking at the historical usage of identifiers which are generally shared between websites owned/controlled by the same company/individual.

Our relationship history goes back to Januay 2011 for top sites, entire internet coverage generally increases circa March 2012.

Automate lookups to website relationships via the Relationships API.

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