Relationship Profile

Tag History

Type ID First Detected Last Detected
SC-appleglobal November-17 February-18
SC-applestoreWW November-17 December-17
SC-applestoreus November-17 December-17
SC-applestoreEMEANL November-17 December-17
SC-applestoreEMEAUK November-17 December-17
SC-applestoreEMEADE November-17 December-17
SC-applestoreEMEAHU November-17 December-17
SC-applestoreEMEAAT December-17 December-17
SC-appleukglobal November-17 December-17
SC-applecnglobal December-17 December-17
SC-applestoreEMEAFR December-17 December-17
SC-appleitglobal November-17 December-17
SC-applestoreAPACAU December-17 December-17
SC-applestoreAPACTW November-17 December-17
SC-applestoreEMEAPR December-17 December-17
SC-applenzglobal December-17 December-17
SC-applestoreAMRBR November-17 December-17
SC-applestoreAPACTH November-17 December-17
SC-appleczglobal December-17 December-17
SC-applestoreEMEACZ December-17 December-17
SC-applephglobal December-17 December-17
SC-applebrglobal November-17 December-17
SC-appletrglobal November-17 December-17
SC-appleatglobal December-17 December-17
SC-applestoreAPACKR December-17 December-17
SC-appledeglobal November-17 December-17
SC-applehkglobal December-17 December-17
SC-applenoglobal November-17 December-17
SC-applestoreCA November-17 November-17
SC-applehuglobal November-17 November-17
SC-applefrglobal November-17 November-17
SC-applestoreEMEANO November-17 November-17
SC-applestoreEMEAIE November-17 November-17
SC-applestoreAMRCA November-17 November-17
SC-applestoreAMRMX November-17 November-17
SC-applestoreAPACHKZH November-17 November-17
SC-appleptglobal November-17 November-17
SC-appleauglobal November-17 November-17
SC-applestoreEMEATR November-17 November-17
SC-applejpglobal November-17 November-17
SC-applenlglobal November-17 November-17
SC-applestoreAPACNZ November-17 November-17
SC-applestoreAPACCNZH November-17 November-17
SC-applestoreEMEAIT November-17 November-17
SC-applestoreAPACPH November-17 November-17
SC-applestoreEMEAPL November-17 November-17
SC-appleieglobal November-17 November-17
SC-applefiglobal November-17 November-17
SC-applestoreAPACMY November-17 November-17
OP-341800575 May-16 February-17
OP-199382811 May-16 February-17
OP-381160097 July-16 February-17
OP-384000016 May-16 February-17
OP-382050108 May-16 February-17
OP-382380153 May-16 February-17
OP-382180083 May-16 February-17
OP-341178019 July-16 February-17
OP-361250524 May-16 February-17
OP-382660084 May-16 February-17
OP-381450127 May-16 December-16
OP-340859052 May-16 December-16

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APPLE.COM relationship data is generated by looking at the historical usage of identifiers which are generally shared between websites owned/controlled by the same company/individual.

Our relationship history goes back to Januay 2011 for top sites, entire internet coverage generally increases circa March 2012.

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