Analytics and Tracking First Detected Last Detected
i Google Analytics Apr 2011 Jun 2018
i Google Analytics Classic
Jun 2016 Jun 2018
i Google Custom Search Jan 2011 Jun 2018
i Google Translate Widget Jan 2018 Jun 2018
i ASP.NET Jan 2011 Jun 2018
i Microsoft Frontpage Jan 2011 Jan 2011
i Microsoft Office Web Server
Jan 2011 Jan 2011
i Google Maps Nov 2017 Jun 2018
Content Management System
i DudaMobile Jun 2016 Jun 2018
i Google Adsense for Search
Jan 2011 Jun 2018
Web Hosting Providers
i ATT Jan 2014 Jul 2019
i Dedicated Hosting
Jun 2016 Nov 2017
Web Servers
i IIS Jan 2011 Jun 2018
i IIS 6
Jan 2011 Jun 2018
CSS Media Queries
i Device Pixel Ratio
Jun 2016 Jun 2017
Web Master Registration
i Google Webmaster
Jan 2011 Jun 2018
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