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Websites which have an address or TLD in the country.

Entire Country Datasets - Indonesia Dataset ID 2023-10-18.

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Earliest Record
January 2000
Total Technologies

This is the amount of technology records attached to the domains in this dataset.

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Dataset Backtesting

BuiltWith provides back testing data to capital market customers.

To protect our IP we removed the domain names from the results but keep the technology usage history for testing purposes.

Contact Us if you'd like access to our back testing dataset.

Terms of Use

Our standard terms cover the use all of our Datasets.

In general, you can use the Datasets to enhance your product in many ways. The only limitation is your cannot resell the data as-is or provide duplicate functionality to and its associated services.

Dataset Fields

A list of all of the fields in this Dataset.


Top level category fields are listed in the left hand sidebar at – they are constantly updated and changed with new technologies added daily. Examples include analytics and cms.

Field Name JSON Name Description Example
Domain D Root Domain Name
Subdomain SD The subdomain name for the result (blank for www. or none)
/* for internal page
Technologies T Grouping of current and historical technologies. Shown in table below.
FirstIndexed FI The date this website was first indexed in YYYY-MM-DD. 2011-06-30
LastIndexed LI The date this website was last indexed. 2024-07-13
Spend SP Estimated current monthly USD spend for this website. Supplied on top level domain only (based on all sub-domains). 2324
Sales Revenue ER Estimated current monthly USD sales revenue for eCommerce sites only. 123000
Page Rank A Page Rank up to 100m 123456
Tranco Q Tranco traffic rank up to 1m 123456

A sub-array of technologies found on a site within the category of the Technology Dataset (i.e. all analytics related technologies).

Field Name JSON Name Description Example
Name N The unique name of the technology. Shopify Plus
FirstDetected FD The date we first detected the technology in YYYY-MM-DD. 2012-12-28
LastDetected LD The date we last detected the technology. 2024-07-13
Technology Index

An index file with all information for the technologies found in the dataset.

Field Name Description Example
Name The unique name of the technology. Shopify Plus
Parent If this technology is a subtechnology the name of the parent technology will be here. Sub technologies could be a specific version of a technology or a product variation. Shopify
Premium If this technology is considered premium or not. Values are Yes/No/Maybe

Maybe could be considered technologies where a nondetectable free/paid version is available.
Description Description of the technology. Shopify Plus is an ecommerce platform for high-volume and enterprise merchants.
Link Link to the website technology.
TrendsLink Link to our trends data for the technology.
Category Top level category for the technology. shop
SubCategories (array) Any sub-categories the technology may be categorized as. Hosted Platform
FirstAdded The date the technology was first added to BuiltWith in YYYY-MM-DD. 2011-02-01
Ticker Related ticker symbol for the technology. SHOP
Exchange Related exchange for the ticker. NYSE
PublicCompanyType What we consider this technology in relation to its overall product offering.

Web Focused - Listed companies with a majority of their business on web trackable technologies.

Multi-Business - Listed companies with a a part of their business in trackable web technologies.
Web Focused
PublicCompanyName Name of the public company Shopify, Inc.
Meta Data

Meta relates to non-technology-based data we have for a website. This dataset does not include Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Meta data is not guaranteed – we find this information from website itself.

Field Name JSON Name Description Example
Domain D Root domain name.
CompanyName CN Company name for the website. Example Inc.
City C The city of the website. San Francisco
Zip Z The Zip/Postcode of the website. 94105
State ST The State/County of a website. CA
Country CO The Country of a website in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format.. US
Vertical CAT A IAB top level vertical for the website. Technology and Computing
Telephones (array) T Telephone numbers found on the website. +1-800-343-34343
Emails (array) E Emails found on the website. Role based.
Social S Facebook website address
People (array)
Names not included
P Titles of people found on 'Team' pages of websites.
Titles are simplified to C-Level, Marketing, Development, Other