Technology Profile


Shaw Usage Statistics - Websites using Shaw

Network infrastructure from Shaw based in Canada.

Active 24

Active 24 Usage Statistics - Websites using Active 24

Network infrastructure from Active 24 based in Norway.


Phonera Usage Statistics - Websites using Phonera

Network infrastructure from Phonera based in Sweden.

AdBlock Acceptable Ads

AdBlock Acceptable Ads Usage Statistics - Websites using AdBlock Acceptable Ads

The website is white listed to shows advertisements to users who have popular extension AdBlock installed.


Screencrafters Usage Statistics - Websites using Screencrafters

Lead generation and pop-up marketing for Automotive industry.

Google JS Api

Google JS Api Usage Statistics - Websites using Google JS Api

Google Mashup Editor (GME) includes a JavaScript API that gives you direct access to the document object model (DOM) via JavaScript. This API lets you use JavaScript to perform operations that duplicate and go beyond the features available in the GME tags. The API is useful when you want to access an object in the application from a JavaScript expression. You can also use the API to perform CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete) on entries in a data feed.


Biblegateway Usage Statistics - Websites using Biblegateway

A bible verse of the day, from a wide selection of bibles in many languages.

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator Usage Statistics - Websites using Microsoft Translator

Use the webpage add-in to let your users see your site in multiple languages on www.microsofttranslator.com . Users can experience the unique bilingual viewer to see the webpage and the translation side-by-side.

Feedback Loop

Feedback Loop Usage Statistics - Websites using Feedback Loop

Testimonials and feedback widget from Australian company.

Last updated 21st April.

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